Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day Thirty One - a photo of you representing the kind of person you'd like to be remembered for.

I'd like to be remembered as the girl
who always has a reason to smile and be happy.

I think I've a great talent
I can always pull myself up, how?
Instead of complaining or moping or start over thinking about whatever problem you have
be thankful instead, that you were given just that.
There are others are who struggling with bigger ones everyday
besides, why worry when you can pray, and then maybe.. you can actually do something to resolve it.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day Thirty - 5 of 5's! Wishlist!

I made this list simply to share with you lovelies
the wonderful sweet things I've stumbled upon over the net.
I've kept it on a minimum, mind you.
I didn't include the treasures I saw from Etsy yet

Strapya is full of wonders

please be mine soon?

Split Mind Plush

These Split mind plushies are TO DIE FOR!

how can something so cute, be so bad ass at the same time?!

Anagon's wrap bracelets!

It isn't so wrong to covet something so badly

specially if they accept payment through G-cash!


I will never have enough money for these

Someone make this possible, please!

Sanrio/SanX/Mori Chack

Tare Panda is a must have.


Berry and Cherry, why so hard to find?

I dunno where to get them Cherry and Berry plushies TT.TT
but photo reference is HERE


Need BIG gloomy bears!

because they are violent and PINK!


Ah! Rilakkuma Korilakkuma
Though I can't seem to say their name right.
I've tons of reasons to want them.
They are functional and cute!
And they almost usually come in pairs
Isn't it lovely?

cell phone charms

phone holders

cellphone cleaners


And Kuromi, my first love.

I will never have enough of you, EVER.
sue Sanrio for being so darn over the top.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day Twenty Nine - Post Whatever!

Hollywood people whose movies I really like.

Bad Boys

Pirates of the Carribean

Little Nicky

Enemy at the Gates

City Hunter

Stranger than Fiction

Julie and Julia

27 Dresses

Bellatrix Lestrange

One Tree Hill

The Holiday

Summer is love!

Leighton and Blake together is lovely indeed!